Contributing to react-day-picker

You are welcome to join the other contributors and help improving react-day-picker! Please consider:

  • The development environment is Node 7+.
  • Unit tests run with jest
  • Code has 100% test coverage and it should stay so (yarn test --coverage to check it)
  • Code must be linted to pass our CI (yarn lint)

Start now!

Pick an issue you would like to fix or a feature you would like to see. good-first-issues are a good place to start.

Fork and run the repo on your local machine:

$ git clone
$ cd react-day-picker
$ yarn

Use the website to manually test changes

The best way to develop and test a new idea or a bug fix is to run locally the website:

$ git clone
$ cd react-day-picker
$ cd docs
$ yarn install
$ yarn develop

Then open localhost:8000.

For example, change ./docs/src/code-samples/examples/basic.js to see it updated in localhost:8000/examples/basic.

In the code, using import from react-day-picker will load the source code instead of the compiled lib.